Other Great Local Farms

At Green Flamingo we like to “work in cooperation, not competition” in an effort to support other local growers.  We join forces with other farms in our community to provide top quality products all year round in our CSA baskets.  Get to know some of the farms we work in cooperation with:

Deep Roots Meats

Growing Style: All Grass, Forage Fed Beef

For six generations, The Platt Family has been raising and ranching Angus cattle in Greenville, Florida. Deep Roots Meats specializes in all grass & forage fed beef.  Their Angus Beef cattle are not fed any grain, antibiotics, or animal-by-products. Also, they do not feed or give any growth hormones to their cattle. All cattle are rotationally grazed on nutrient rich grass and other forages.  They only supplement the cattle’s diet with hay or baleage when needed. Here are some of the reasons that their beef reins superior:

  • Cattle are born and raised in Madison County, FL on the Platt Family Ranch
  • Angus Cattle are 100% grass (forage) fed
  • Their cows only eat grasses, forages and hay and/or baleage
  • Their cows are not given commercial feeds, cotton seed, soy hull pellets, etc
  • No supplements are given other than mineral that does not contain bone meal
  • No Antibiotics are fed or given
  • No Hormones are fed or given
  • Only natural fertilizers are used on their fields
  • They use humane, low stress handling techniques with the cattle
  • Cattle are rotationally grazed
  • Their beef is higher in Omega 3 and lower in Omega 6
  • CLA levels are higher in their beef

Once a month we do a meat pick up! See information below:

On the second Thursday of every month, Green Flamingo participates in a coop with Deep Roots Meats in Melbourne, FL.  That means you can order any of the products they offer from us and we will bring it right to you! Orders must be placed 5 days in advance, so as long as you get your order to us by Farmers’ Market on the first Saturday, you are in good shape! You can then pick up your meat order on the second Saturday at The NSB Farmers’ Market. There is a $5 delivery fee for each order.

For more information, visit: deeprootsmeat.com

Living Towers

Growing Style: All Natural, Hydroponic

“Living Foods for Living People”

Living Towers is home to a 4,400 square foot, state-of-the-art greenhouse that produces “beyond organic” lettuces, herbs, and vegetables in Eustis, FL. They use a water based growing system, known as Hydroponics, that creates its own highly oxygenated environment (Aeroponic) for the plant roots. Their plants are grown vertically, using the latest Tower Garden technology and just the right Tower Tonic plant food. Their wide range of ionicminerals and plant nutrients allow them to grow strong, healthy, nutrient dense produce essential to vibrant health.  In addition, they sell seedlings and accessories to make growing your very own Tower Garden even easier than it already is!

It is also a prototype of the future in community and family food production and consumption. Their food is produced “Clean and Green” using rainwater collection and solar energy, creating the smallest possible ecological footprint. They are open from 10am-6pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The produce they grow and a variety of seedlings (see www.livingtowerseedlings.com for details) are always available. Group tours are also available outside of these hours.  Please contact them for more information or to book a tour.

Visit their website: livingtowers.com


Log Cabin Groves

Growing Style: Organic

The Schuller’s are our friends and neighbors who have 120 acres of Organic Citrus Groves just down the road from us in Oak Hill.

We have also been lucky enough to share their potatoes and sweet potatoes (as well as juice) with our CSA members. They are diversified with lots of livestock and fun projects going on all the time. We can always special order products for you.

MeadorsMeadors Blueberry Farm

Growing Style: Conventional
Go and enjoy U-Pic at Meadors in Mims. They have 5000 blueberry plants that come in a variety of breeds for you to enjoy. They do not spray anything on their plants while berries are on them and use an organic pesticide that is made with fish emulation and sesame seed. So you can eat while you pick. If you don’t feel like picking your own but still want fresh picked blueberries they also offer a “We-Pick” option. In addition to U-Pick blueberries, they also sell homemade jams & syrup, honey, potted blueberry plants, grove pepper, garlic scallions, mulch, fertilizer, and ice cold drinks. You can bring along a packed lunch and sit at their shaded picnic table to eat after you get done picking or just sit and relax at for a few. We always try to source organic, local produce first, unfortunately there is not always an organic option available.  Although Meadors strawberries are not organic, owners Gerald and Valerie Meadors are local farmers that we know and trust.

Check them out on Facebook: Meadors Blueberry’s Facebook Page


merritt-island-mangosMerritt Island Mangoes

Growing Style: Conventional

Some of the most delicious mangoes are being grown just South of us in Merritt Island. (South Brevard County) They sell their mangoes right along Tropical Trail on the Island. The variety they have is known as the Keitt mango and the taste of this exotic fruit is incredible.  Not to mention, they are juicy and are less fibrous than some of the other mangoes out there. IT is almost like slicing into butter when you cut them open and they have a sweetness like no other. The mango season in Brevard County runs from July until late September, so don’t miss out on getting a taste while they are available!

Check out a write up on Merritt Island Mangoes from a fan @ Melbourne Palm Bay Living


murrayMurray’s Organic Avocados

Growing Style: Organic

Murray Bass is an avocado connoisseur. He can talk purebred or hybrid — and whether an avocado’s got West Indian, Guatemalan or Mexican “blood” in it. And now that Murray has gone organic, he’s positioned himself to become a new favorite with guacamole makers looking for a healthy edge in their recipe.

Murray grew up in the Florida Ag industry, following in his father’s footsteps. He received his BS degree in Agriculture from the University of Florida, specializing in Fruit Crops.  He worked at the Florida Citrus Groves Corporation as a grove production supervisor in the citrus industry until 1983 when the freeze forced him to look to South Florida for employment. Murray landed a job in Southwest Florida with Baron-Collier where he was in charge of a young avocado grove of about 1,000 acres. From 1989 to 2007, Murray worked for Brooks Tropicals and became the Director of Agricultural Operations for the Homestead division.

During his tenure at Brooks, Murray purchased his own 20-acre avocado grove. With the encouragement of longtime friend and business associate, Benny McLean, Murray began the three-year process of transitioning his avocado grove from conventional to organic.

Find out more about Murray: unclematts.com


Sledd’s U-Pick Strawberries and Veggetables
Growing Style: Conventional

One of the original Florida Farmers, R. Sledd is a generational Florida farmer.  We have been working in cooperation with him for the last 3 years. He is known for growing strawberries in the wintertime, but also grows grows Southern peas and other vegetables. He has a farm stand in Mim’s by the post office, as well as the U-Pick strawberry field. If you are ever down in Mim’s look for Sledd’s Strawberries sign on US1. This year we were unable to start our own strawberry patch, so we are happy to be working with this grower to provide fresh, local strawberries to our CSA members. We always try to source organic, local produce first, unfortunately there is not always an organic option available.  Although Sledd’s strawberries are not organic, he is a local farmer that we know and trust.

Check them out on Facebook: Sledd’s Facebook Page

The GreenH2Ouse

Growing Style: All Natural, Hydroponics

The GreenH2Ouse (greenhouse) is a 2200 square foot hydroponic farm located in Apopka, FL. It is run by Katherine Grandey and they provide some of the finest lettuces, specialty leafy greens, and herbs. They cater largely to restaurants, but we feel honored that they share their fresh greens with us! A few of the restaurants that serve their produce are: Emeril’s Orlando, Emeril’s Tchoup-Chop, Blue Zoo at the Dolphin Hotel, Norman’s at the Ritz Carlton, The Table Orlando, and Pharmacy. We look forward to having more of the delicious greens they produce.

For more information, contact Katherine at kgrandey@mac.com