CSA Information

Community Supported Agriculture or CSA, offers the unique opportunity for local farmers and their community to join forces into a mutually beneficial relationship. It is a popular way for consumers to buy top quality, local, seasonal produce directly from farmers.

How It Works You purchase a farm share for a growing season and make a commitment to share with the farmer both the bounty of the land and some of the risk. You pay the farmer at the beginning of the CSA and in return, each week you will receive a basket full of fresh picked, peak of ripeness, delicious, organic vegetables grown by a farmer you personally know and trust. In addition to your incredible produce, you will also receive a weekly newsletter with recipes, farm updates, and other useful tidbits. You can also volunteer for 4 hours during the CSA program and receive a $25 discount.

The Benefits of CSA You get to reconnect with your food source, support your local economy, and foster environmental education in your community. By joining our CSA you invest in the local economy and help keep our land productive, as well as, responsibly managed.

Why join a CSA? We’ve gathered just a few of the many reasons why a CSA might be right for you!

  • Enjoy top quality vegetables harvested at the peak of ripeness
  • Reconnect with your food source
  • Support local economy
  • Minimize your carbon footprint by eliminating middlemen, extra packaging, and “food miles”
  • Foster environmental education in your community
  • Receive tasty recipes and storage tips in our weekly newsletter
  • Enhance your palate with unique varieties and heirloom vegetable.

Notes from Farmer Liz

As a farmer, I cannot express enough what the CSA means to me…but I’ll try. Our CSA has created relationships, it has allowed our farm to be diverse, it has forced me to try new recipes and be creative every time I’m in the kitchen or perusing the seed catalogs. A CSA equates to diversity in the garden, constructive feedback from members, a challenge to keep pushing the envelope of cuisine horticulture. I truly feel that if you are seeking a way to eat seasonally, eat locally, eat with an appetite for adventure,  or just avoid all the pesticides and plastics, our CSA is for You!
Increasingly food production is influenced by certain corporations interested in profits rather than quality and environmental safety.  At Green Flamingo, we strive to remove ourselves from the ecological devastation of the present market system, by creating a social, economic, and environmental alternative.