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Deep RootsDeep Roots Meats

Growing Style: All Grass, Forage Fed Beef

For six generations, The Platt Family has been raising and ranching Angus cattle in Greenville, Florida. Deep Roots Meats specializes in all grass & forage fed beef.  Their Angus Beef cattle are not fed any grain, antibiotics, or animal-by-products. Also, they do not feed or give any growth hormones to their cattle. All cattle are rotationally grazed on nutrient rich grass and other forages.  They only supplement the cattle’s diet with hay or baleage when needed. Here are some of the reasons that their beef reins superior:

  • Cattle are born and raised in Madison County, FL on the Platt Family Ranch
  • Angus Cattle are 100% grass (forage) fed
  • Their cows only eat grasses, forages and hay and/or baleage
  • Their cows are not given commercial feeds, cotton seed, soy hull pellets, etc
  • No supplements are given other than mineral that does not contain bone meal
  • No Antibiotics are fed or given
  • No Hormones are fed or given
  • Only natural fertilizers are used on their fields
  • They use humane, low stress handling techniques with the cattle
  • Cattle are rotationally grazed
  • Their beef is higher in Omega 3 and lower in Omega 6
  • CLA levels are higher in their beef

Once a month we do a meat pick up! See information below:

On the second Thursday of every month, Green Flamingo participates in a coop with Deep Roots Meats in Melbourne, FL.  That means you can order any of the products they offer from us and we will bring it right to you! Orders must be placed 5 days in advance, so as long as you get your order to us by Farmers’ Market on the first Saturday, you are in good shape! You can then pick up your meat order on the second Saturday at The NSB Farmers’ Market. There is a $5 delivery fee for each order.

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