Living Towers

Jan Young's Tower Garden greenhouse at twilight, Lake County, FloridaLiving Towers

Growing Style: Organic, Hydroponic

“Living Foods for Living People”

Living Towers is home to a 4,400 square foot, state-of-the-art greenhouse that produces “beyond organic” lettuces, herbs, and vegetables in Eustis, FL. They use a water based growing system, known as Hydroponics, that creates its own highly oxygenated environment (Aeroponic) for the plant roots. Their plants are grown vertically, using the latest Tower Garden technology and just the right Tower Tonic plant food. Their wide range of ionicminerals and plant nutrients allow them to grow strong, healthy, nutrient dense produce essential to vibrant health.  In addition, they sell seedlings and accessories to make growing your very own Tower Garden even easier than it already is!

It is also a prototype of the future in community and family food production and consumption. Their food is produced “Clean and Green” using rainwater collection and solar energy, creating the smallest possible ecological footprint. They are open from 10am-6pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The produce they grow and a variety of seedlings (see for details) are always available. Group tours are also available outside of these hours.  Please contact them for more information or to book a tour.

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