Sledd’s U-Pick Strawberries

sleddsSledd’s U-Pick Strawberries
Growing Style: Conventional

One of the original Florida Farmers, R. Sledd is a generational Florida farmer.  We have been working in cooperation with him for the last 3 years. He is known for growing strawberries in the wintertime, but also grows grows Southern peas and other vegetables. He has a farm stand in Mim’s by the post office, as well as the U-Pick strawberry field. If you are ever down in Mim’s look for Sledd’s Strawberries sign on US1. This year we were unable to start our own strawberry patch, so we are happy to be working with this grower to provide fresh, local strawberries to our CSA members. We always try to source organic, local produce first, unfortunately there is not always an organic option available.  Although Sledd’s strawberries are not organic, he is a local farmer that we know and trust.

Check them out on Facebook: Sledd’s Facebook Page