Meadors Blueberry Farm

MeadorsMeadors Blueberry Farm

Growing Style: Conventional
Go and enjoy U-Pic at Meadors in Mims. They have 5000 blueberry plants that come in a variety of breeds for you to enjoy. They do not spray anything on their plants while berries are on them and use an organic pesticide that is made with fish emulation and sesame seed. So you can eat while you pick. If you don’t feel like picking your own but still want fresh picked blueberries they also offer a “We-Pick” option. In addition to U-Pick blueberries, they also sell homemade jams & syrup, honey, potted blueberry plants, grove pepper, garlic scallions, mulch, fertilizer, and ice cold drinks. You can bring along a packed lunch and sit at their shaded picnic table to eat after you get done picking or just sit and relax at for a few. We always try to source organic, local produce first, unfortunately there is not always an organic option available.  Although Meadors blueberries are not organic, owners Gerald and Valerie Meadors are local farmers that we know and trust.

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