Murray’s Organic Avocados

murrayMurray’s Organic Avocados

Growing Style: Organic

Murray Bass is an avocado connoisseur. He can talk purebred or hybrid — and whether an avocado’s got West Indian, Guatemalan or Mexican “blood” in it. And now that Murray has gone organic, he’s positioned himself to become a new favorite with guacamole makers looking for a healthy edge in their recipe.

Murray grew up in the Florida Ag industry, following in his father’s footsteps. He received his BS degree in Agriculture from the University of Florida, specializing in Fruit Crops.  He worked at the Florida Citrus Groves Corporation as a grove production supervisor in the citrus industry until 1983 when the freeze forced him to look to South Florida for employment. Murray landed a job in Southwest Florida with Baron-Collier where he was in charge of a young avocado grove of about 1,000 acres. From 1989 to 2007, Murray worked for Brooks Tropicals and became the Director of Agricultural Operations for the Homestead division.

During his tenure at Brooks, Murray purchased his own 20-acre avocado grove. With the encouragement of longtime friend and business associate, Benny McLean, Murray began the three-year process of transitioning his avocado grove from conventional to organic.

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